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waxing vs . threading

       Waxing is a tried and true method of hair removal.  After extensive tests, we have found that the Shobha Azulene wax is the gentlest and most effective wax to use.  Azulene oil is a natural anti-inflammatory derived from the chamomile plant that helps to soothe your skin during the removal process.  We use unique denim strips & our ‘blink’ technique for all of our waxing services.


       Threading is a centuries old method of hair removal  with origins in India, Arabia and South Asia.  At blink we use special thread which is twisted and pulled along the area of unwanted hair.  It’s similar to tweezing, except the thread removes one clean line of hair all at once  Feeling like a zipper across the skin, the thread lassos and lifts each hair follicle directly from the root.  Threading is 100% natural which allows skin irritation and redness to be kept to a minimum.  If you have thin skin or are using certain medications or retinol products, threading will be your best option.  For some people, threading can eliminate breakouts.  Christina is the first Shobha Certified Threading Specialist who trained with Shobha Salons in NYC.  We are proud to represent such a great company.

ALERTS: Waxing is not recommended for clients on Accutane, Differin, Retin-A, Tetracycline, glycolic acid and alpha hydroxy products.  For these clients, we recommend threading.


All hair is not created equal.  What works for one person may not work for another.  Here at blink, we will consult with you to find the hair removal process that will be best for you.

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